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Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday gift guide

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Used by permission
Occasionally I'll get requests from friends for boardgame recommendations, and I've posted some targeted lists for specific demographics and situations (see links below).  But today I'm going to tip my hat to the folks at boardgamegeek.com, who have assembled a terrific holiday gift guide.  The recommendations on their list are uniformly excellent.  I could certainly come up with my own holiday list as well, but if anyone asks me for recommendations for boardgames as gifts, boardgamegeek is the first place I will send them.

The boardgamegeek holiday list has but two shortcomings.  First, it does not include my own Trains Planes and Automobiles, which is appropriate for any family with kids ages eight and up.  (Okay, shameless self-promotion complete.  Moving on.)

Second, the boardgamegeek gift guide does not help the shopper with a wargamer on his or her gift list.  Below are a few of my own recommendations for wargames available this year.  These are rather on the "light" end of the wargame depth and complexity spectrum:

Although I haven't played any of these, the highest-ranked wargames on boardgamegeek that came out in the last three years include:
And finally, here are links to my own recommendations for specific situations and genres:

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