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Friday, August 12, 2016

Fifth annual-ish "What to pack for a vacation"

This summer we're headed to the North Carolina Outer Banks for a week at a beach house.  We just threw together a list of games to bring based partly on recent acquisitions, partly on old favorites, and partly on family stand-byes that we think we can get the normally reluctant sons to play.  Here's this year's packing list:

- Splendor
- Jaipur
- Dead of Winter
- Evolution: Climate
- Last Spike
- New Bedford
- Bang! Halo
- Survive: Escape from Atlantis
- Munchkin

- Qwirkle Cubes
- Pie Factory
- Diner
- Incan Gold
- PowerMage 54
- Love Letter
- Loot Letter
Past years' vacation packing lists:
2015 Bermuda cruise
2014 southwest Virginia
2011 West Virginia mountains

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