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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kramer and Kiesling recommendations

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted my realization that I have no games in my collection that are designed by Wolfgang Kramer nor Michael Kiesling, arguably two of the biggest designer names of our time.  They collaborated to design such high-flyers as Tikal, Torres, and Maharaja.  Kramer also designed El Grande, Princes of Florence, and Colosseum.  So I solicited recommendations from Twitter followers, and here are the titles that came up:

  • Matt Riddle likes Coal Baron a lot.
    • Daniel Newman seconded that nomination, as did
    • Dustin Schwartz and
    • Nonsensical Gamers.
  • Eric Handler suggested Linko (alias Abluxxen)
    • Chris Schreiber also recommended it for fans of clever, thoughtful card games.
    • Dustin Schwartz and
    • Nonsensical Gamers agreed.
  • Nonsensical Gamers recommended Vikings.
    • Max Jamelli called it a cool game.
    • Brian Frahm seconded that recommendation.
  • "Kimpek" of Board Game Theater says his family loves Porta Nigra.
    • Nonsensical Gamers agreed.
  • Dustin Schwartz recommended Tikal.
    • Marc GWiz did as well.
  • Dustin Schwartz also recommended 6 Nimmt and Colosseum.
  • Nonsensical Gamers also recommended Palaces of Carrara, Sanssouci, Mexica, and Torres.
Of all of these, the only one I've played is Tikal, which I like.  I also recently learned both El Grande and Princes of Florence, both very good Euros. So in a way, I'm back where I started - so many Kramer and Kiesling titles, so little time.

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