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Friday, July 6, 2012

Relaxing 24/7

In my last post, I described the tactile appeal of games that use bakelite-style tiles for game pieces.  I mentioned 24/7: The Game (designer Carey Grayson, publisher Sunriver Games) as an example of games of physical quality in that caliber.  The reminder prompted me to propose that my lovely wife and I play 24/7 at our cocktail hour this afternoon.
Close-up of 24/7: The Game showing the physical tile quality - in particular, my run of five tiles 
('2' through '6' in sequence) that Kathy subsequently used in her own "24-in-7" bonus score

A Christmas present for Kathy, 24/7 featured in another photo in my 6 January post.

Unlike For The Win, a new game that Kathy and I just started to explore on Wednesday, we have considerable experience in the tactics of 24/7, and this afternoon's game saw both of us in true competitive form.  My wife racked up 140 points in "sums of seven," as well as a 60-point "24-in-7" bonus (completing a row of seven tiles that add up to 24).  Those two categories alone constituted over a third of her total score.  But I managed multiple runs of three and four sequences and even one run of five consecutive tiles.  I eked out a win by the ridiculously narrow score of 600 to 590.  


  1. I had been interested in this when it first came out, but then it sort of fell off the face of the earth. Is it worth looking up a copy?

  2. Chris, I'd say yes, up to a point. I wouldn't necessarily chase 24/7: The Game down to the ends of the earth or pay a premium for it, but if you can snag a copy (amazon.com for example), I'd recommend it. Particularly if you like a game as much for its physical quality as for its game-play.

    You're right about it seemingly having fallen off the face of the earth. Sunriver Games is almost non-existent on the internet. Nothing of consequence seems to have been added to 24/7's boardgamegeek entry since October 2010. But I think it's a nice solid game in its own right.

  3. Cool; thanks! Maybe I'll at least add it to my "want in trade" list to see if someone will offer me a copy eventually.