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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Submarine card game

I'm done working on my "eagerly awaited game" for the time being, so I've started in earnest on another idea I've had kicking around for a while.  It's a two-player card game based on submarine combat in the 1970s.  I haven't fully worked out the mechanics yet, but it will involve some kind of bidding interchange to determine the range at which the combatants shoot at each other.  Sonar performance will play into the game, with modifications for environment, depth, and the enemy's noise level.  I feel as though I also ought to account for active sonar somehow, but I haven't worked out how to do that. 

I've got a good idea what needs to be on the cards, though, so I've got one sheet of ten submarine cards done so far.  I think they look pretty good for a first prototype. 

I'm really bad at naming my own games, though, so if anybody has a clever idea that they don't mind sharing, I'd love to consider it.  My working title is "Submarine Combat."  See how bad I am at this?


  1. "Silent Running." It's been long enough that most people will have forgotten the (very good but completely unrelated to submarines) Bruce Dern SF movie, and the name might just evoke "Run Silent, Run Deep" without you having to pay money to get an official license.

  2. I like it. My wargaming buddy Paul R. had a few ideas as well along the same lines. The two I liked best are "The Silent War" and "Enemy Unseen." See, I knew I asked the right people this question!