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Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming up - play balance

My game of Stonewall Jackson's Way with Paul R., and some responses I got on boardgamegeek about it, got me to thinking about play balance in games.  I'll follow up with a more detailed post over the weekend. 

For tonight, my focus is on finishing card updates for "PDO's Eagerly Awaited Game" that became necessary when my ambitious developer added nine cards to the deck.  More is better, right?


  1. So, did he add nine cards because he thought they improved the game or because they brought the total up to one of the magic numbers that's cheaper to print?


  2. Each "Assignment" card corresponds to a location on the board, and I think the developer felt there were some areas on the board that were too sparse and needed some destinations added. So, nine more destinations on the board, nine more cards in the Assignment deck. From a gameplay standpoint, I think it's probably a good call.