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Monday, August 20, 2018

"Magnificent Marvels" signed

Almost two years ago, I recounted an initial foray into a collaborative design with Keith Ferguson. We have come a long way in those two years, and that work has paid off. On August 6, Hexagram 63 Game Studios announced that we had signed with them to produce "Magnificent Marvels," our contraption-inventing game. Keith and I are excited to be working with Anthony Racano and his team to make "Magnificent Marvels" a reality on the tabletop.

Here's an excerpt from our sell sheet that describes the game:

Word has spread across the Grand Duchy of Rubetopia – the Master Inventor has died!  The Duke has issued a summons for all inventors to gather in the capital of Goldburg. All shall have the opportunity to build an Inspiring Invention, a Crazy Contraption – a Magnificent Marvel – and be named as the new Master Inventor!

In Magnificent Marvels players vie to build the best Marvel by connecting components that will synergize together. Marvels under construction can generate resources to add more components and become magnificent in the eyes of the Duke. Players can:
  • Collect component types to enhance their Marvel
  • Hire workers from a dynamic labor market
  • Send apprentices and laborers to collect resources, add components to their Marvel – or activate the Marvel itself!
  • Upgrade raw resources to refined materials to build more magnificent components
Magnificent Marvels will appeal to players who enjoy action selection, worker placement, set collection, and engine building.  
We've had a lot of fun designing and refining the game, and we're grateful that Hexagram 63 Game Studios has picked it up for further development and publication.

Keith and I will start tagging up with Anthony on a regular basis to discuss the direction we want to take the game and plan out what we need to do to get it to production. He and his team have identified some rules questions and possible changes, some of which we had considered before and some which we hadn't. Anthony also has some ideas for art direction that he wants to pursue. It will be fun to chart the course that this game takes.

Let's invent something magnificent, something marvelous!

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