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Friday, April 17, 2015

Worker placement inventory

Part of Kathy's killer combination
This afternoon my wife Kathy just wanted to play a worker placement game.  We settled on our old favorite Agricola (designer Uwe Rosenberg, artist Klemens Franz, publisher Z-Man).  We played with the 'K' Deck, which we haven't done in a while.  She had a killer combination of Plowman, Market Woman, and Greenhouse, which together meant she was swimming in grain and vegetables by the end of the game. She also had two big pastures and a lot of animals at the end, plus a large wooden hut.  My big points came from major improvements that included the well and the stone oven, a stone hut, and a lot of grain thanks to Acreage.  But my unused spaces and neglect of animals meant that she won the game, 40 to 31. 

Kathy's initial proposal, "Let's just play a worker placement game," prompted me to go back and see just what games we have that might have scratched that itch.  An advanced search on boardgamegeek made this question easy to answer.  These are listed in the order that I would most prefer to play:

We are fond of every one of these games.  The only caveat might be that Belfort doesn't seem to work well for just two players.  

The next obvious question is, what worker placement game would I want to get next?  Here's what I've got on my wishlist that I've specifically called out for the worker placement mechanic:
  • The Manhattan Project
  • Myrmes
  • Pret-a-Porter
  • Snowdonia
  • Carson City
  • Caverna: The Cave Farmers
  • Fields of Arle
  • Sun, Sea & Sand
  • Praetor
  • Russian Railroads
No doubt I've missed more than a few, but there are, you know, so many games and so little time.

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