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Sunday, June 15, 2014

More designers for 21 June UnPub Mini in Chantilly, Virginia

As I mentioned in a post on May 8, there will be an UnPub Mini event this Saturday 21 June at
Game Parlor
13936 Metrotech Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151
We now have a full slate of eleven designers lined up, so we have plenty of opportunities for gamers to come and try out new game design prototypes and provide feedback to the designers.

Here are the designers bringing prototypes to this UnPub Mini.  Keith Ferguson, the organizer, posted some descriptive details about the games that will be featured:
  • Keith Ferguson (Santa's Workshop)
  • Max Jamelli (Lords of Baseball)
  • Kiva Fecteau (Escape Velocity)
  • Mike Karg (Boondoggle)
  • Paul Owen (Reactor Scram, East India Company)  
  • Jonathan Moffat (Horrible Hex)
  • Matthew O'Malley (Knot Dice)
  • Austin Smokowicz (Post Position)
  • Michael Kelley (Salvation Road)
  • Peter Gousis (The Last Bastion)
  • David Somerville (Trove)
Beyond getting playtesting in for the new "Reactor Scram" and slimmed-down "East India Company," I'm also looking forward to trying out other games.  There's always a new discovery at an UnPub event, and that's what I enjoy most at these designer workshops.  I hope to see plenty of other gamers make their own discoveries as well.  


  1. I'm surprised there's no Ben Rosset offering, Chantilly being so close to DC.

  2. It turns out that it filled up before Ben even knew it was happening. Clearly there was more interest than we expected.