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Monday, July 29, 2013

A promising new business contact

I've been struggling to assemble additional prototypes for "East India Company," and I had been stymied by an unfortunate failed transaction with a printing company that set me back about two and a half months with nothing to show for it except a refund.

Looking for a new source for print-on-demand services that could do what I needed, I browsed an old resource page that I'd bookmarked at Spotlight on Games.  There I found a reference to Print and Play Productions, which seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  On Wednesday, I placed an order and sent a note to the owner, Andrew Tullsen, just to let him know where I'd found out about his company and that I looked forward to doing business with him.  He responded the next day to say that he had checked my files, that everything looked good, and that he hoped to ship my order that week.

Excerpt from the new prototype board
Sure enough, here it is Monday, just five days after I placed the order, and I have received a nice-looking prototype board for "East India Company" and enough counters for three prototypes.  The unexpected pleasure is that whereas I had ordered the board in two pieces (a two-fold and a four-fold section), he was able to assemble the entire board in a single six-fold construction.  I couldn't be happier, and I have already ordered two more boards from him.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but business is all about relationships and reputation.  Relationships and reputation are built on respect and trustworthiness.  If this first transaction is any indication, Print and Play Productions will be a regular source for my prototypes in the future.


  1. Anybody can print a document or a PowerPoint file. You've found someone who can do the unusual, and do it beyond your expectations. Definitely a "keeper" for your Rolodex! Congrats on finding Print and Play Productions.

  2. Loraine, you are absolutely right. In fact, when I got home from work today, I found the package from Print and Play Productions waiting for me with two more game boards. Golden!

  3. All hail privately owned, free-market capitalism, where an individual or group of individuals are free to go into business, engage in voluntary transactions free of force or coercion, make a profit, and keep it. Seller is happy, buyer is happy, new products and services are created for all consumers, who are also happy, wealth increases, jobs are created, and the economy expands.

    Repeat-business and word-of-mouth recommendations are everything. Good companies get more business, bad companies go out of business.

  4. Paul, you are absolutely right. And I have heard others since then mention Andrew Tullsen and Print-and-Play Productions favorably, so as you say, quality work begets repeat business and word-of-mouth, which perpetuates good business and starves unsatisfactory business.