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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick note on Congress of Gamers

A very quick note after the first day of Congress of Gamers 2012:  I spent most of the day in the designers room.  Detailed notes to follow in a subsequent post.

I started off with a quick session of "Movie Plotz" by Alex Strang.

Next came a full-blown five-player session of "East India Company."  It was very well received, despite the fact that my game-length issue has resurfaced.  It took about four hours and twenty minutes to finish, including rules explanation.  I think I'm back to the drawing board on pace.  
Brad and Kevin playtesting "East India Company"

I got to play Darrell Louder's "Compounded" again, which I still really like.  Dice Hate Me Games has picked it up with a Kickstarter Campaign planned for late October.
Darrell Louder's clever realization of a victory point track in the form of the Periodic Table of the Elements

Next was another Alex Strang design, "Diamond Ninja."  I could definitely see getting this for my sons when it comes out.
Brad Smoley and Alex Strang in a three-player test of "Diamond Ninja"

I got to play Brad Smoley's "Phobos," a tile-laying area-control game of mining robots on the Martian moon.
Robots in caverns under the surface of "Phobos"

Last came Josh Tempkin's dice-management Indy car racing game called Deathmatch Dice (or something like that), after which Josh and I compared ideas for a potential game design.

It was a long day, very productive.  I'll be back there Sunday, and hope to get in another playtest of "EIC."

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