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Friday, October 5, 2012

Prototype photos

At last, I've finished the second prototype of "East India Company," right down to the makeshift box art and player's aids.  This will be the copy that I bring to Congress of Gamers in Rockville, Maryland, this weekend.  I hope to gain a lot of feedback and really refine this rough cut gem into something special.

Prototype box art of "East India Company"

Close-up of a French Galleon making port call at an Indian ivory colony
 I used Adobe Photoshop to compose the board based on a public domain image of a 1799 world map.  Printing and mounting on a folded mapboard was done by Superior POD.  Overall, I'm pleased with the result, although I learned a few things from my first foray into having a board mounted.  Now that I understand the process better, I expect future prototypes to be particularly nice.
The dividend track, Bank, and European market

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