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Friday, October 3, 2014

Spring and summer photos

As October begins and fall sets in, I thought I would look back at some of games I got to play over the last six months.

My friend Grant G. gave us Goa for Christmas, and Kathy and I really like this neo-classic Euro.

Grant also gave my sons Battue, which turns out to be a great family game for us.

Viva Java: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game became a favorite backyard game this year.

My prototype co-op "Reactor Scram" got some playtesting at the UnPub Mini at Game Parlor Chantilly.  (Here a coolant leak has gone out of control, leaving the reactor core uncovered as indicated by the cube on the white symbol of death.)

At the World Boardgaming Championships:  The Wooden Ships and Iron Men fleet action

Also at WBC, Richard Borg demonstrated Memoir '44 D-Day Mega Overlord.