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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busted by blue bacillus

Kathy and I tried a two-player session of Pandemic on Tuesday afternoon.  This was, I think, our fourth or fifth game, and we're definitely still getting the hang of strategy in keeping the diseases under control.  Our first two games were two- and four-player Introductory games, which we won easily enough.  I think we won our first two-player Normal game as well.  We started to think the game was a little too easy - until we lost our first three-player Normal game a few weeks ago.

Blue outbreaks overwhelm our feeble
efforts to control the disease.
Well, our suspicions that this game really isn't as easy as it looks were confirmed.  In our latest effort, Kathy's Dispatcher and my Scientist were foiled despite our early discoveries of cures of the red and yellow diseases.  While we scrambled through southwestern Asia and Europe to treat the black and blue diseases, consecutive outbreaks in Toronto and Chicago consumed the entire supply of blue cubes and ended the game in defeat for the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Pandemic really is a fun game, and the nice thing is that our kids will sometimes join us as well.  I think this will become something of a family favorite.

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